My alternative diary

By chrisphoto

Last minute trip

We haven’t seen our sister-in –law for months. Wife suggest at breakfast that we see if she is around and if so we could pop to Harrow to see her and hopefully niece and nephew as well. She was really pleased at the suggestion so after a quick tidy round off we set. On the way down, as I was the passenger, I tried some camera ICM (in CAR movement). Reviewing them after our arrival I wasn’t too sure about the results. We had a leisurely lunch on bits we’d picked up from Waitrose (other supermarkets were available) and caught up on news from niece, nephew and sister-in –law and then it was time to depart. As we neared the motorway the setting sun was on my side of the car so a number of shots were taken from the moving car both before and on the motorway. Today’s blip is one of the shots I took before we got on the motorway so it was probably taken whilst travelling at about 50mph.

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