My alternative diary

By chrisphoto

Mono Monday – FOUND

The lost Mars Bars.

Today’s blip is the Lockup on the Green at Harrold (dressed for Christmas). Built in 1823/24 it provided secure accommodation for local drunks and those accused of stealing off of the land; prior to appearing before the magistrate in the Old Court House (now just a house) showing to the left of the lockup.
In 1967, local resident, George Knight, made a bet with his mates in the pub, that he could stay in the lockup for 24 hours with no food or drink. The next day just before George was due to be “let out”, Dorothy, the lady who ran a sweet shop discovered lots of Mars Bars missing.  The story goes that the missing Mars Bars were FOUND in the Lockup.

WELL THE WRAPPERS WERE and George pocketed £17.50 from his bet.

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