Downtown Soho

In Hong Kong! Well more Central actually.

Had a day in town today with Peter. We went in around 11:30 and headed straight for a restaurant that Martin was introduced to by his ex-colleagues which is a famous dim sum place. He wanted to share it with me and so we thought we'd take Peter too. Had we arrived even 15 minutes later, the queues would have been long but thankfully we managed to walk straight in.

Those who've lived here before might remember Metropole Restaurant in United Centre, Admiralty. I was pleased with it and will definitely be going back.

Then some more Mall hopping to see Christmas decorations via Queensway plaza and Pacific Place before making our way to PMQ, Central for a pop up Italian Christmas market. Got some Christmas pressies sorted and walked around Soho for a bit, to show Peter that part of town.

He reckons we've never taken him there before!!! No Star Ferry or Soho, haiya!

Then a quick stop at a friend's' coffee shop before heading back to the IFC. I had to exchange something there. We managed to see a wonderful choir performing by the Christmas display there, it was really lovely.

Too cold to sit on the beach so we opted to stay home for a fabulous dinner cooked by the man. We were joined by Roberto, Elizabeth and their son. A very pleasant day indeed. Lovely to have a full table of people  again.

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