Carols at the Golf Club

I've actually been under the weather these past few days but have been pushing myself to get out and do things and medicating myself to prevent this cold from getting bad.

But today I woke up feeling not so good at all and didn't know how I was going to make it for carols at the golf club. Something that I am totally responsible for.

Did some necessary preparation for it and then went back to bed to try and rest and sleep off the tiredness/sickness. Felt better for it too and did make it to the Golf Club, with a bunch of friends from church.

The weather was perfect and the setting beautiful. We were on the outside patio looking across the golf course over the mountains as the sun was setting singing "Go tell it on the mountains" and somehow it all seemed so appropriate! Really enjoyed carolling there this time.

Here's a pic of us all taken by friend Jhun.

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