The Tree is Up!

It took five days but our tree is finally decorated. And looking fabulous though I say so myself!!
I kept looking at it all night and saying to Mr K "I love my tree!!!!"
I forgot to say last night that when we got back from school I let the Little Misses decorate it. For the first time ever!! 
Apart from the higher branches they did it all by themselves and were very proud of their efforts.
As ever I was so excited to see my treasures again. So many memories!!
I was gutted to discover that my glass flamingo which I bought in Key West when Miss E was six months old was a bit broken. His tail has broken off. Miss E was very philosophical saying "it could be worse Mummy, it could be completely shattered". She's right!
My mum and dad went off on a cruise yesterday to celebrate my dad finishing his radiotherapy. A penthouse on the Queen Victoria which hopefully will be stupendous and they can enjoy a few days of well earned luxury and gluttony! 
I went over this afternoon to pick up Elsie and bring her back to ours for a sleepover. Archie was over the moon to see her and they spent the whole afternoon wrestling. So lovely to see!
I left Mr K and Miss L to take the dogs out for a walk - in the rain! - and took Miss E to a party in Milton Keynes. God forbid a weekend goes by where she doesn't have a party to go to!!!!
I managed a bit of Christmas shopping while she was there which was good. And I bought blu-tac before it's sold out everywhere. Woohoo!!!
Home to watch Elsie and Archie wrestle for a few more hours, pack the Little Misses back up to their den - very comfy apparently! -  and then snuggle up on the sofa with Mr K, Elsie on his lap and Archie between us. Very cosy!
Mr K has gone from not really wanting a dog at all to wanting to get another one. My work is done!!

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