Miss L and the Dogs

The Little Misses have been giddy to have Elsie here. Miss L especially loves having another fluffy plaything!!
Mr K was less thrilled - he went in the spare room so both the dogs could sleep on the bed with him (because God forbid they have to sleep in their fluffy comfy beds on the floor!!!) At about 4am Elsie decided to pee all over the bed so he had to strip it down and come down and sleep on the sofa. Then she peed on the rug in the living room. Oops!!!
She's used to having a dog flap bless her so hasn't really got the idea of asking to go out!!
Today was a bit fraught - grumpy tired children, grumpy tired Mr K and a grumpy tired Mummy. Lots of squabbling, attitude, tears and screeching. Uuuuugghhhhhhhh!!!
I took myself off to Tescos to get away from all the hideousness. And I may have sat in the car park for longer than I needed to before going in - stretching out the peace and solitude!! 
What's the world coming to when Tesco's car park is preferable to home?!!!
When I could put it off no longer I came home and listened to the Watford match on the radio. 3-2 to us and we're seventh in the Premier League, woohoo!!!!! 
Then, when the attitude and screeching had got too much again I headed to Bicester to take Elsie home. Maisie and River were delighted to see her. And me - I ended up with three dogs on my knee at one point!! 
A roast chicken dinner and an early night. Hopefully there will be a bit more festive cheer tomorrow and a good bit less attitude and screeching.

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