Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

Cadiz, Spain

First post in about a year! So 2016 has been a busy one without a lot of internet.... just finished an 8 month contract on P&O's Oceana plus 3 months rehearsals in the UK as a production singer for Headliners Theatre Company. 

I've accumulated nearly 2TB of photos from my travels and have a lot left to edit and choose for each daily upload. I also lost all of my photographs mid summer when my hard drive totally crashed. Recovery software wasn't enough and it cost a bomb to get it recovered professionally... but I have all my treasured photos again, and two free new hard drives as a result. :)

This was taken in Cadiz, Spain and it was still a very warm muggy day. I bumped into one of the ships photographers, Diego, and we had an explore together. We usually shoot alone but spontaneously made it a 'bouncing ideas' off each other kinda day! 

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