West Norwood blips

By KandCamera


Choose your transport – bicycle or boat. By this morning the river in Hoi An had flooded the surrounding streets. The place where I took yesterday’s blip and where the couple were standing was underwater but the water didn't get as high as the Japanese Bridge. (See extra - the couple were standing just to the left of the boat.) The shops in the two streets nearest the river were flooded and boats joined bicycles and motorbikes as transport along those streets. Hoi An floods regularly during monsoon season and life just carries on at the edges of the flood. Market traders set out their produce just next to the water. I couldn’t get close enough to see how badly affected the shops and cafes nearest the river were but from the main bridge, it didn't look good (see second extra).

There were a few dry hours this morning when I took this and other shots but it’s rained almost all the time since lunchtime and the forecast is for more rain tomorrow so I think the flood will just increase. I hope everyone near the river is prepared.

There’s no going out into the countryside or to the beach in this weather. So tomorrow I’ve booked to go on a course in Vietnamese cooking. Should be interesting. And dry!

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