West Norwood blips

By KandCamera


I had a 10 course lunch and it was all delicious! The cooking class I went to was excellent. We started out by going to the market to buy the ingredients. Traditionally Vietnamese people shop for food at the market every day so that it's fresh. No weekly shop at the supermarket! It was a bit soggy. The market is near the flooded river. The area for fish stalls was already underwater but they'd just moved a few streets north. The main building containing meat stalls is raised slightly above street level and the water was lapping over the step; we had to wade through it to get in. Several hours later the water was inside the market. The vegetable stalls were outside in the rain (see extra).

Once we'd been told about the ingredients and how to find the freshest stuff we were driven to the cookery school where each person prepared a different dish and then we all watched as each person was shown how to cook or put together their dish. And we ate them as they were ready. This is a green mango salad with shrimp.

For the record and so I don't forget, this was the full menu:
Fresh spring rolls with shrimp and pork
Green mango salad
Caramelised chicken with ginger
Cau Lau (traditional Hoi An pork and noodle dish)
Seafood stirfry
Rice noodles with pork bbq 
Beef bbq in la lot
Fish bbq
Seafood curry
Vietnamese pancake

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