One family still standing...

Long before Kelo v.  New London in 2005 there was this farm next to the largest truck stop in the state of Oregon.. A developer wanted all the land, the truck stop and multiple farms in the area.. So with the cities help the truck stop was closed down over technical but legal reasons and they sold out, all of the farms but this one took what was offered.. This family said no. All around this farm there are now a big shopping center, storage warehouses with good paying jobs, and many high end corporate offices..  Sort of an island on to itself.. 

So when I drove by it today I had to take a quick photo.. of the small guy with generations of farming refusing to give up..

These skies didn't last long though.. 5 hours later and the snow flakes started to fall.. South Portland tonight should get 4 inches of snow tonight. I used the computer assisted 4 wheel drive for the first time today. The terwilliger curves were coated with ice and many drivers were spinning out.. 5 mph top speed.. I don't know how it works exactly but something like power to the wheel that grips.. I walked right up the hill.. 

Currently back in my home state. I have a meeting with the bosses tomorrow to go over some of the why I have done what I did and why not their way type of stuff.. I hope it is productive and a good learning experience for me.. Learning new tricks isn't easy...

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