Today's Special

By Connections

Blipmeet in Boulevard Park!

Phil and I first met TerriG, her partner Laurie (above left), and their delightful big-dog-in-a-little-dog's-body, Liza Jane, during our April vacation in Portland, Oregon. After just a few hours with Terri and Laurie, we felt as if we'd known them forever, and were eager to see them again.

That happened today when they came to our house, one of several stops in a whirlwind visit to this part of Washington state. After enjoying some local sparkling apple cider and catching up on each other's news, we phoned ArtistAnnie and arranged to meet her and her husband, Arvin, at Boulevard Park.

Blippers and their partners/spouses seem to be particularly nice people, in my experience, and today's Blipmeet reinforced that. After a scoot/stroll along Taylor Dock, which included both serious study by Terri and Ann of the Blip possibilities and an equal amount of levity, we fortified ourselves with various libations from Woods Coffee Boulevard Park and enjoyed each other's company and the great view as evening grew near.

(See ArtistAnnie's take on this event here, Phil's here, including links to racing canoes and a speeding fishing boat, and TerriG's here, with links to more photos from today and a deer and her fawns!)

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