Bowling Party

Sunday, we slept in a bit....had a nice breakfast, and then headed into town for a friend/classmates birthday party at the bowling alley.  I dropped Sugar there and ran to the grocery store for some groceries.  We were sooooo in need of some food at our house.  It was nice to get some shopping down when I wasn't in a huge hurry.  

I got back to the party in time to catch a few shots of my girl bowling.  It was definitely a tween party.......lots of kids laughing....bowling.....and playing cell phones.  It was interesting to watch how the cell phones were a huge part of their socializing.  Feeling glad that I haven't gotten Sugar a phone yet.  The addiction to the cell phone is alarming to me.  Not just the kids......everyone.  I must fight it....must fight it. 

After the party we headed home.  I can't remember what all we did, but we were sad to see the weekend end.

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