A New Start

It's 8 years since I begun my blipfoto journal. Words I never knew before like blipping, back-blip, and even blip are firmly ingrained in my language repertoire.

It's fitting my 8th anniversary should fall on the day I shifted home for good following my second quake repair. It feels like a new start and I'm determined to make it that. The nightmare of the Earthquake Commission is coming to an end and I have new plans and possibilities thanks to my time in the country. (Realistically I may well deal with the Earthquake Commission again in my lifetime).

I'm perched on the edge of the table doing this. There is stuff everywhere. I have managed to put the car in the garage and it's full of stuff for recycling and the dump. At least my bedroom looks relatively sane.

I had the help of a couple of good friends today. One walked the journey of unpacking with me for several hours. Together we sorted my linen cupboard, wardrobe, got my bed made, and found the linen for the spare bed. We managed a trip to drop of unwanted stuff the Habitat for Humanity shop too.What a superb woman.

I sometimes wonder why I blip. I'm glad I weather those times. It's a remarkable record of some of the best, worst, most challenging, and most blessed times in my life. Thanks for being part of my blip journey. I'm the richer for it.


Day 39 gratitude: I'm home, and the help of caring friends.

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