Home at last

Benedict was overjoyed to see me this morning. We couldn't pack up and come home until he'd finished loves and cuddles :-)

He's spent the day getting used to a home that smells different, has some different stuff, and in fact has a lot of stuff everywhere :-/ Like me Benedict is adjusting.

At midnight Friday night I discovered I have no hot water. A cold shower it had to be as I felt grimy and sticky. It didn't seem like many hours later when I found myself at the dump (only they don't call them dumps these days). I dropped stuff off for recycling and then to hard fill. I don't like contributing to landfill but sometimes it's necessary.

I made 2 trips to the local Habitat for Humanity shop too. They're loving me!

In between the dump and picking up the pope I sprayed the courtyard and path to kill moss etc. It's hard to do when he's around and he shouldn't have contact with it when it's wet. Another job done.

The rest of the day is a blur. Another friend helped me with some furniture and the lounge is now taking shape.

But the stuff I did with switches didn't yield any hot water :-( Maybe tomorrow.

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