Cull like there's no tomorrow

Mum seemed to revel in chucking stuff out and it seems I have the gene. My friends tell me I don't have much but really I do. The number of socks and pantyhose I own is an embarrassment. Or I should say did own.

The car is loaded up again and hopefully I get it delivered after work before they close. This load is mostly from the kitchen. Even then I think I've still got more than I need.

But then there was the shelf from a cabinet I accidentally ditched at the dump yesterday.... I reconfigured how I use and needed the shelf I no longer had. Off to Mitre10 he local hardware store.

It feels good, I like pairing back, simplifying and becoming minimal (I'm not there yet). I've always done a bit of culling but never on this scale. I feel freer and lighter, this process is going to go on for some time. It's part of my new start, part of a new plan.

I had another cold shower this morning :-( Late this afternoon I visited my friend who is ill with dinner I'd cooked (all easy stuff). I took my gear and had a shower there. I had a cry too and from talking to my friends I phoned the sparky who did work at my place during my repairs.

He's coming at 7.30 in the morning and is confident something happened that's preventing power getting to the hot water cylinder. The cylinder was new in March and I really don't want to contemplate that it's failed, not this close to Christmas and not with home looking so fresh and lovely.

I should sleep easier tonight. It's still a mess here but it's coming together. Oh, I cleared the front garden too. No more rampant seeded veges and the beans are tied up.

Just wait until I get to the garden, outside, and garage.

Too tired. Bed.

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