Getting back on Top!

Let me start by congratulating all my fellow shareholders of this unique environment as well as the great folks at Blip Central, together we made it to the very first birthday of the new community owned!

I wanted to make a special entry for today - december 16th - symbolizing the way back up by using a grand structure of stairs.

This meant that I had to go into a completely deserted and very - very - dark Clingendael Park and I must be honest… I didn't feel very comfortable.

After a while my eyes got accumulated and I could see more, but needed my ultra strong Heider mini flashlight to d adjust my camera settings and… to light paint the backdrop.

Thanks for being so supportive to this nice community!

Ingredients: a tripod, a Sony camera, a dark night, a nice backdrop & a tiny torch to light paint it all ;-)

(ps. my face looks a bit weird, but just try to stand totally still for almost a minute exposure time)

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