Mono Monday: Explore

I had this shop in mind as I set off this morning with Toto in tow :o)

It's an eclectic mix of unusual things and I've wanted to go in and explore but it's always closed early in the mornings when we go past.

As I stood and took some shots of the first window a guy that I know came along (see him behind me) and said "you should get a shot of the door!" I had no idea what he meant until he pointed further down at the smashed door! (See extra)

Just as we stood looking at the door the girl who was opening the shop arrived and was completely shocked when she saw the smashed door (see her on the right in the extra)!

She then rushed away to call her boss so I took a few more shots and left.

I've used one of Snapseed's 'Insights" called Detailed Black and White and it really brought out so much detail!

I've been out for dinner tonight with my two dear friends from my Uni days. We went to a fantastic Greek restaurant and had the most enjoyable meal, I didn't think I would be able to eat much, but I proved myself wrong and couldn't stop eating as the food was so good!!

I must go to bed its late so I can't catch up on comments but a big thank you for all the comments you've left! The holidays are coming and I'll soon get back into the swing of things!! :o))

Thanks to Flying PRGirl for hosting! :o)

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