Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Mudflat sunset

The sun sets over a mudflat in Emmapolder, Groningen, The Netherlands.

It's been a while since my last blip. Partially because I went back to work after a great vacation, partially because we had glorious summer days. The type of summer days with high temperatures and blue skies. Great, but not so much for landscape photography...

Last Thursday, we had an earthquake. It was nothing compared to what happened in New Zealand, only 3.9 on the Richter scale, but when you're not used to earthquakes even the light ones are scary. It felt like the couch where I was sitting on at the time was lifted. It happened late in the evening; it was already dark so I couldn't inspect the house. In the morning I noticed we had a small crack in the front of our house. Nothing serious, but definitely caused by the earthquake... Life went back to normal instantly and we haven't had any quakes since. The earthquakes in our part of the country are caused by the extraction of natural gas; this appears to be an increasing problem....

Anyway, today I felt it was time again to get out for photography and I went to Emmapolder, where I had been before in January. The sky didn't look very promising; I'm so glad I waited until finally the sky started turning red and I could get this shot...

May I advise viewing this bigger?

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