8.30am Blip

A strange day. Now safely installed in Gaimersheim for the festivities.

I had to drive to Edinburgh Airport as I'm returning to Scotland on 1 January. Public transport does not exist in Scotland that day. For check-in between 8.30 and 9am that meant the rush hour.

Even leaving home at 6.45am it was a nightmare. Glad I don't have to do that often.

Breakfast at McDonalds in Edinburgh at 7.30am. Very strange.

A strange flight too. As soon as we were all on board they announced a 90 minute delay. Fog in Munich. Then the aircraft pushed back, taxied and took off. We arrived 10 minutes late.

Dr D decided that it would be OK for this tired and slightly unwell traveller to go around the supermarket on the way home. I declined and sat in the Brauhaus 1516 instead. A litre of Helles is not part of my usual Wednesday afternoon routine. 

The local Greek restaurant in the evening. I had their moussaka. Delicious, but enough for 2. Maybe 3. 

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