By iaint


Made it!

A bit of stress was involved. I had a 70 minute connection in Paris CdG and the flight from Edinburgh arrived 25 minutes late. To be honest, as soon as I started to get stressed I realised an unexpected night in Paris at Air France's expense might just be OK. I walked between gates. 

Well, I made the connection but it was close.

Being in no hurry and thinking of the rush hour traffic, I decided to take the train from Casablanca Airport to the city centre - the Casa Port station is 200m from my hotel, so it was easy.

The departure board at the airport station (Blipped) does convert to French every couple of minutes, but people here are so helpful it doesn't matter.

The train stopped on the way into the city centre at Casa Oasis station. Looking over at the opposite platform I saw that the next southbound train would be the 19:02 Marrakech Express.

I suspect it will be an early start tomorrow - I can see the Hassan II Mosque from the hotel room window. Dawn call to prayer...


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