Seasonal Sky

I needed fresh air, dog needed a walk... the sky was beautiful with delightful clouds shapes. A tenuous link to the seasonal theme for Abstract Thursday.

It had been a hectic morning with some last minute food shopping and then a call from my brother to say my mother had been taken in to hospital again. She is almost 90 and she has been noticeably declining over the past year. Lately there have been more incidents needing additional care or medical intervention and I don't think she can really stay in her own home much longer. However, she is a tough old bird and may well bounce back from the brink of death yet again.

On a brighter note, friends had dropped in for a cuppa and catch up. They live in Spain but are over visiting an aged mother for Christmas; they're getting married next year so lots of talk about the wedding.

Now I must finish decorating the house for Christmas and I still have a couple of presents to get. For all sorts of reasons, I hope I don't need to rush down to Suffolk this side of Christmas.

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