Half Mast

A sad day today as we said goodbye to a brave and beautiful girl, Abby Webb.  Four years ago we were all celebrating her 21st birthday and today was her funeral on what would have been her 25th.  It was a very emotional occasion held in the palatial setting of Stowe School Chapel. Abby had been a pupil at the school for a couple of years and excelled at everything she did, especially sport where she played hockey for England.  Hundreds of people gathered for this occasion - friends, relations, neighbours - it was a tribute to her personality and popularity that so many had made travelled long distances to be there for her last journey. The death of one so young will leave a huge gap in the lives of many.
I thought it was a nice touch of Stowe School to fly the flag at half mast - it just about sums up the occasion.

I started the day by taking John over to High Wycombe for surgery on his shoulder. He regretted that he could not also be at the funeral.  I picked him up later in the afternoon and he is fine.  He will be a bit sore but should make a full recovery.

All in all, one of those days that are best when they're over.

Do make your pledge for BlipFuture,  if you haven't done so already, or we will be flying the flag at half-mast for the demise of Blip!

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