By hjarald

'Generation Gap'

When visiting the Rijksmuseum I spotted this ‘Gothic’ dressed guy looking at the famous ‘Straatje van Vermeer’ by master painter Johannes Vermeer from Delft. But this entry is not about the painter, it’s about the public.

I saw many museum visitors judging his dark oversized outfit with chains and thinking that such a longhaired guy could never be interested in culture as them. Please don’t ask me why they do that or react that way, I simply observed it.

In reverse I’m pretty sure most of those prejudiced folks wouldn’t even have the slightest clue what ‘Nightwish’ on the back of his jacket stands for…. Well, I do!

Nightwish is a great symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland and they made one of my favorite songs called The snowman*/ Walking in the Air, click it and you’ll hear the song that resonated in my head the rest of the day.
(*it’s a nice animated film too!)

Info: Newdelftblue by Hjarald Agnes.

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Enjoy the music

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