... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Mr. Grazing in the Wind

More at home in large.

The Goosles were back on Eagle Pond this morning! We headed for Mount Pond first thing to see the Cayuga, and then headed over to Eagle Pond to see what the Goosles were up to. My mother brought oats, and it was lovely to see the Goosles up close (after so many visits when I only saw them at a distance...). The oats drew over a couple of hybrid Canada geese, but Mr. saw them off (several times). There was a fair amount of posing and posturing going on all round.

I had to blip Mr. in the wind, but was very tempted by one of my Cayuga shots (Extra 1), and a picture showing the difference between the Goosles's plumage colouration (Extra 2, or the individual versions: Mr. and Mrs.).

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