... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Mr. "Take care my Mrs."

More tentative in large.

We visited the Goosles after coffee at Gail's (Extra 1 = blip alternative). They were grazing together on the field adjacent to Eagle Pond, but quickly came bounding over for oats from my mother. They took them from her hands, and even came when they couldn't see oats (fake oats), although Mrs. was much more wary, and Mr. was chattering protectively (see blip above!).
Mr. did a lot of posing (he's v. handsome) and I got some close-ups as well as full length portraits and pictures with Mrs. They went for a drink together by the water's edge, and looked at each other longingly...

I then went on to Mount Pond, and photographed the shovelers shoveling in circles (with pairs looking like Ying and Yang). The Cayuga was still there, although it kept out on one of the artificial islands in the middle so I didn't get any close shots (although I did catch it flapping and hissing at a mallard). I spied a fair amount of mallard nonsense (three pictures right from The chase 1), and liked my close shots of a mallard ducking for food, with the water beading off his iridescent head.

My other birdy shots can be found on Flickr (right from here).

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