... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Christmas Clash

Plenty for everyone in large.

Merry Christmas!
My mother and I met a friend on Clapham Common to see the best Christmas geese in what has become something a Christmas tradition (2013, 2014, 2015).
We arrived at Eagle Pond to find no Goosles (= naughty Goosles...), headed over to Mount Pond and still found no Goosles (= v. naughty Goosles...), so gave some oats to the Cayuga (thinks: "is it Christmas with just the Cayuga, even if it's lovely?") and sat down for coffee from a thermos.

THEN, a Christmas miracle: the Goosles appeared!
We gave them oats (which surprised Mrs.) and they quickly got into the Christmas spirit. In a sequel to yesterday's blip, Mrs. warned Mr. about taking oats from my mother's hand (Mrs.: "Be careful my Mr."), but he was still very bold. I was surpised by how peacefully the Goosles and the Cayuga coexisted, but there were a couple of moments of conflict (inc. my blip moment).
After all the Christmas excitement, Mr. was left dribbling, Mrs. went mad and took oats from my mother's hand, Mr. eyed up accessories, and I did my thing (photographing the Goosles and the Cayuga from above).

It has been a v. jolly day, and certainly started well on the common. My other photos can all be found on Flickr (right from here). I've put up some of my favourites as extras, but I struggled to choose from today's shots generally...

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