Merry Christmas

Today, we celebrated Christmas Day. Little Miss is off to her Mum's, and we won't see her again for a few weeks. We're going to miss her sooooooo much; our little ray of sunshine.

We had a leisurely morning. I was jumped on to get out of bed for the present opening. Little Miss was delighted with her presents and I was pretty spoilt too. Cousteau enjoyed his pig's ear!

We nipped to Anaconda to buy hats for Mr B and me (got to be sun safe!) and new flip flops/jandals/thongs (delete as appropriate - depending on where you hail from).

Then home for a lovely roast and a visit from MB and the boys.

We've been doing some last minute jobs, bag packing, last loads of washing, going to the launderette to clean Cousteau's dog blanket (it was a bit whiffy!)

Now we're having a relax before getting changed for Midnight Mass. We'll drop Little Miss off at her mum's on the way. It doesn't feel like Christmas without Midnight Mass for us, even though it is pretty tiring - ours starts at 11 with carols and then Mass proper starts at Midnight. We won't get home much before three am. We're taking the inlaws with us too, so that'll be nice.

Anyway, I've waffled for long enough. This pic is for my parents. Apparently they have a space on the wall in their hall and want a picture of us to put in it. Cousteau had to be a part of it too, of course!

Merry Christmas from all of us. Thank you for your kind comments, stars and favourites. 

I'll catch you all in the New Year.


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