Biker Girls


I'm writing this a week later. On Christmas Eve after a couple of glasses of mulled wine!!
Saturday at Centerparcs. Our first full day.
As often happens I struggle to reconcile the idea of a happy, idyllic, perfect family holiday with the reality of whinging, difficult, ungrateful, rage-inducing children.
If I'd written this last Saturday night I'd have struggled to find anything positive to say. Looking back now it was a good day. Holidays are like childbirth for me - I often struggle and close down a bit in the moment but looking back I can only remember the good stuff!!!! 
Miss L giggling on Daddy's huge bike;  the laughter as we thundered down the rapids together; jumping in the waves; watching the Little Misses under the waterfall in the toddler pool; the delicious hot chocolate from Starbucks; the beautiful cycle ride through the mist and lights to Santa's workshop; the sausages and mash with gravy and mulled wine as we watched the Strictly final (yay for Ore!!!!)
It was a tough day with Miss E but I need to remember she struggles with the adjustment to holidays too.
First world problems eh?!!!!

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