Today was the day of our annual trip to Centerparcs. The school holiday dates didn't work for our usual midweek trip so for the first time this year we just booked the weekend.
My usual rubbish preparation and organisation skills meant I spent the day mostly washing and drying clothes.
Because God forbid I ever do that less than a few hours before we go away!!!
Once the last load was on to dry I took Archie over to Bicester to drop him off at my mum and dad's. He's having a little holiday of his own!!
Then it was home to a Tescos delivery, packing, loading the bikes and bags in the car and setting off to get the Little Misses.
To say they were excited would be an understatement!! They spent the whole journey counting down the minutes!
Luckily it only took about half an hour. Any further and it might have started to get a bit annoying!
We parked up and hot footed it to the swimming pool. Stopping to enjoy the lights and decorations. It's always so pretty!!
Less than an hour and a half after I picked them up we were in the pool - jumping in the waves, standing under waterfalls, floating around on the lazy river and riding the rapids outside in the dark past the twinkly reindeers!! Brilliant!!
Mr K got there about an hour after us and found his swimming shorts which I'd left draped over a chair for him while we were off riding the rapids.  Miss E was giddy that he'd arrived as it meant she could go on the slides with him. Miss L was distraught again not to be tall enough for any of the slides. The first year we came there were no height restrictions - now you have to be 1.22m (4 foot) so it'll be a while before she's tall enough again, bless her!
At about 8pm - winkled and tired - we got out, showered, whinged about being too tired to get dressed/stand/walk/be civil and headed back to the car park.
I had planned to pick up my bike from the bicycle centre and ride up while Mr K drove. Unfortunately the bicycle centre closed at 8pm and there was no room for me in the car so I walked. 
There was a fair bit more whinging and exhausted craziness from the Little Misses as they cleaned their teeth and got into bed. Mr K read to them - they're all enjoying Guards! Guards! - and for the first time I can ever remember, they both fell asleep as he was reading!!
I made a lovely vat of mulled wine while Mr K took the car back to the car park. We stayed awake just long enough to drink it and eat a packet of Maltesers in front of the TV!

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