We're Going on a Tree Hunt.....

.......We're going to buy a titchy one!
And get ridiculously lost on the way home!!
Mr K took the Little Misses to swimming first thing but rather than jump in the bath as normal I used the time to wrap a few more presents, get them out of the way and then start the mammoth task of getting the house into some kind of order to finish decorating later. 
As usual, after a couple of hours it just ended up looking worse! Sigh.
Mr K and the Little Misses went off to the Christmas tree farm in the afternoon. I would have loved to go too but there isn't enough room in the car for all of us and a giant tree (usually we go somewhere closer to home and in two cars) 
So I stayed at home with the endless tidying, sorting, moving things about and wondering why oh why we accumulate so much stuff. It's everywhere; on every surface. In piles, strewn about, on the floor. Where does it all come from and why can't I just throw it all away?!!!!
Why can't we put clothes away like normal people?
What do I keep all those things "just in case"
Just in case of what? I probably wouldn't remember we had it if I ever needed it and if I did I wouldn't be able to find it!!!!!
Mr K was under strict instructions to make sure the tree was symmetrical - it wasn't last year and drove me mad! That was why we wanted to go to the farm and be able to walk all around the trees while they're still in the ground. And at least 6 foot, ideally closer to 7.
They had a lovely time on their tree hunt. The Little Misses were giddy apparently looking at all the different kinds. I had to laugh when Mr K sent me this picture (he's an honorary Blipper today!) He'd obviously forgotten their coats so Miss E is wearing his and Miss L is in her school coat which will have been screwed up in the bottom of her footwell somewhere!
He sent me a photo of the tree they'd chosen (see extras) which looked lovely and symmetrical. But a little short. My alarm bells were ringing as I saw the size of Miss L stood against it. 
Are you sure it's tall enough? I asked. 
More than once.
Even when we cut off some off the tall spike at the top?
Oh yes, I was assured, it's the same as usual.
Then began their journey home. 
And the less said about that the better!!!!
Except to say it's a twenty minute drive in a pretty straight line from here. About fifteen miles.
Mr K drove thirty nine miles - via Northampton (WTF!!!!!!) and took about fifty minutes.
I was watching in stunned disbelief on Find my Friends as they headed on their meanders. 
OMFG!!!!!! (As I said in my text to Mr K asking what the bloody hell he was doing in Northampton, and then missing the obvious road back to Buckingham, and THEN missing the next road across to our house and ending up the other side of Buckingham. How is that even possible?!!!!!!
I'd just wanted to know when they'd be home as I was excited about the tree.
The tree is tiny. I was so disappointed when I saw it and then felt bad because the Little Misses were so excited and wanted me to be too. It's half the size of the one we normally get. Not just the height but the bulk of it too. 
I tried to suggest we put it in the dining room for them to decorate and have as their own and we'll get another one for the living room. That upset them so I mentally gave myself a slap, pretended I love the tree and started decorating it.
In truth I wanted to cry because it's so important to me.
I'm cross because I should have gone and chosen one in person, cross because I knew it was too small from the photo and cross because I was ruining it for everyone when they'd been all happy and excited. Sigh.
The tree is a lovely shape and took a lot less time than usual to decorate as only half the decorations fit on it!!!!! 
I'm sure it'll grow on me.

Wow I've just read this back. What a whingy Blip!!!!! My house is a mess (tidy it up), my tree's too small (go and buy one yourself then to make sure it's what you want. Or at least say no, it's too small when you see the picture), Mr K got lost on the way home (so what? At least they all got home safe)
I'm such a misery sometimes!!!

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