Carpet Dancing

The Little Misses broke up today. So I had a few last uninterrupted hours getting some wrapping done and a bit more internet shopping!
Miss L finished at lunchtime so I hadn't got much done before it was time to go and get her.
We went to Ikea for a few essentials - tea lights and coat hangers.
First of all we went to the cafe for meatballs and then a quick whizz round the shop to get what we needed. And a few things we didn't!
Miss L had lots of fun pushing the trolley and then playing in the rug department. She loves the lights showing all the rug sizes and was giddy playing her own version of a disco dance light game!!
She was so engrossed, I could have watched her for hours!
From Ikea we went to M&S to buy a present to send to one of Miss L's school friends. I found out the other day that she has leukaemia which is horrific to even think about. Miss L really misses her and has lots of questions about cancer. 
I told her that Papa had cancer last year - we didn't tell the Little Misses - but that the doctors had made him better.
She chose a lovely gift which we'll post tomorrow. And hopefully her friend will be back at school soon.
Then it was time to go and get Miss E. Traffic was awful so I worried we were going to be late. I needn't have worried as every single parent arrived at the same and the queues were horrendous to get in and pick them up. And it was chucking it down!
I'd arranged to meet a woman in Tesco's car park to give her a rocking horse which she'd bought off me on Facebook. I was running so late but didn't have any contact details for her other than Facebook so I sent her a message and hoped for the best. 
I eventually got Miss E and we set off for our rendez-vous in Tesco's car park. They thought it was hilarious we were going to meet some random woman we've never met before in the car park to get money off her!
We were ten minutes late so I was worried she would have left. I parked by the Click and Collect as arranged and waited for another ten minutes with my boot open - to identify us a bit. But there was no sign. Annoying!! Why on earth hadn't I got her phone number?!
We came home and naturally got a message on Facebook to say she was waiting at Tesco's car park. Sigh!!
I've said we'll drop it over to her house on Sunday.  Annoyingly she lives in a village about eight miles away hence the bright idea to meet at Tescos!
I sold Miss L's Ikea kitchen the other day too so we're slowly getting more space in our garage. 

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