An installation under Bishop's Bridge, Paddington

Helena and I were catching different trains home today and so we went on separate jaunts. I was delighted that an early Blip friend was around and despite having a complicated series of arrangements we did manage to meet, although only for about forty-five minutes. I often spotted the location of the portraits J. photographed around Paddington Station and sometimes the canal basin just south of Little Venice.

I lived on a boat in Paddington Basin for several years in the 1970s but haven't been back since leaving London in 2003.  So when we arranged to meet the spot she suggested was exactly by the site of my old mooring, although then it was a private space unlike today when the whole area has become a massive and public development zone.

On my way to meet J. I stopped under the newly replaced Bishop's Bridge and spotted this wall of rapidly changing LED lights. I didn't manage to follow all the text but thought it was interesting. Of all the pedestrians walking past it, this woman I caught on camera was the only one who seemed to be aware of the displays, which were changing rapidly.

Once J. arrived we walked to the station together and sat down whilst exchanging stories of our lives, some of which we'd already shared remotely. I do like Blip meets and hope we can do it again next year when various pressures are lessened.

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