Andy's leap, ..... and splash

We've spent a lovely day having lunch with my sister Rosie who had her two sons and their three children to stay for a couple of days before Christmas. A massive spread was laid on and a lot of laughs ensued, before w e headed out at abut 3pm for a short walk to the local disused canal.

On the way Andy decided to take a leap across the River Marden where it flows through the town centre close to the church and the main highway, the rather celebrated A4. Andy is an adventurer and likes nothing better than outdoor activities mostly climbing. A challenge was raised by someone and suddenly he climbed over a stone wall and this leap ensued.

He landed a trifle short of the grass bank on the far side with a bit of a thump and a splash as his foot dipped in the stream. Luckily he was unhurt and we wandered on the edge of town for a lovely walk in a small park built close to the old disused canal. Helena (aka 'Woodpeckers') has managed a before and after shot to bookend my picture so it may be worth having a look there too.

We went back to Rosie's for tea and cake and then headed home in the darkness. It had been good to see my nephews and the next generation all together. 

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