Morning mists swirling along the Golden Valley

As usual I looked out of my study window when I got up to make the first drink of the day, tea in this instance. The third morning glory flower was greeting me on the windowsill looking so beautifully blue. I couldn't resist going as close as possible to it to soak in the tones.

Across the Golden Valley there were these eerie mists swirling around the contours of the hillsides. It seemed that the vapours were oozing out of the ground  from the countless springs which reach the surface of the limestone strata where they are underlain with the various clay layers. In fact you can make out one of the spring lines along the far side of the valley where the houses are nestled on steep outcrops of firm ground.

Within a few minutes the mists had turned into a blanket of nearly fog which now has thickened and reduced the clarity of visibility even further.  I can't see the tops of the hills as I write.

You can just see the open ground of the railway track which runs down the valley just a few metres above the parallel canal and the River Frome below it. The main road, called the London road, runs just thirty yards this side of the river. behind the line of trees.

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