By CleanSteve

Keith D. after bringing vegetables from the fields

This morning I went to get eggs, vegetables and bird food from the farm shop, high up on the Cotswold plateau above Stroud close to the village of Bisley. Half way up the climb the fog closed in and I was reminded of winters many decades ago when I used to stay in Bisley and the weather was like that a lot of the time.

The shop is in a shed next to a barn in the farm yard adjacent to Keith's workshops where he managed the production of their honey, a well known and highly prized local brand, started by their father, Jim. in the 1950s. Keith has allowed me to join him with my camera when he goes out to tend the hives which are spread out around the local counties.

Today we had a laugh and a chat. Keith helps with the harvesting of the vegetables from their fields and today he had just been out to stock up the shop. You can just see a couple of containers with vegetables by the door and there were about thirteen more containers each with different vegetables – parsnips, turnips, white and dark green cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrots, curly kale, cavolo nero and of course good brussels sprouts on stalks. I particularly love their broccoli and leeks, so I stocked up. As I was saying goodbye, Keith reappeared carrying a large sack of potatoes from a barn to a customer's car and he laughed when he saw I'd got my camera out. 

Keith has offered me the chance to sell my cards in the farm shop and I'll produce a series featuring images from around the farm that I've filmed over the years. I feel honoured that they want to sell my pictures. 

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