Christmas Day.

The day started off with a rumble of thunder, which continued for quite awhile.  We didn't have a storm as such but it did rain quite a lot.  We managed to get to the cemetery without getting too wet.

The day continued to be cool and grey, but it was much better than being stinking hot.

Isabella arrived wearing a nice dress, but I couldn't get a decent photo of her, she wasn't in the mood.  (I've posted one in the extras).

By the time she came to opening her presents, the dress was off, and she was in a Christmas t-shirt.

We had a lovely lunch, pulled crackers, read silly jokes. Isabella enjoyed opening her presents, she had a great time tearing the paper off.

Then it was time for them all to leave to go and see Peter's family.

We spent the rest of the day chilling out in front of the TV.

(Edit: I actually posted the wrong Blip, so I've now added it too the extras.)

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