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By 59

Mono Monday

I am not joining the challenge as I can't think of how this relates to speech. This is Tom and our Daughter's 5 month old pup Champ. Champ would not stay still for a photograph but they were interested in the nice smells coming from the bench top, left over food from Christmas dinner, yummy. The dogs are getting on better than expected as Tom is terratorial, getting old and cranky.

Our Sydney family is still visiting and it's great to see the kids growing up. Olivia and I went shopping. Zach gave us a nice concert on the piano. He is 5 and can't play but had a nice soft technique. Apparently you get kids to play just the black notes and it seems to work better than the usual thumping a piano gets from a beginner. The dogs were entertaining.

My sister in law and her husband came back for a bike ride and morning tea, otherwise it was a quiet sort of day.... more family coming tomorrow....

We bought baby Elijah some more clothes, he is size 0000.

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