Merry Christmas Everyone!

What a wonderfully fun & relaxing Christmas I've had! It started with the present opening (and boy, was I spoiled this year!), in which I got Pickle & Peanut figures, the rest of the Ghostbusters Funkos I needed, a BB8 tea-for-one set (you best believe I'm gonna buy a bunch of loose leaf teas now!), Deadpool Yahtzee, lots of books, Blu-Rays, socks, toiletries, sweets and loads more besides! I love Christmas!

After our traditional English breakie, I watched some rather amazing figure skating and lazily lounged around until lunch, which this year was butter chicken served with spiced spring greens, rice, naan and poppadoms. Oh my gosh, it was gorgeous! (Just thinking about it is making me want to eat it again!)

Following that, we lazed, watched Doctor Who, a Reggie Watts Netflix special, ate a bunch of Lindt balls and now we're settling in for Ravens vs Steelers. I am blatantly going to contentedly nod off on the sofa!

Merry Christmas x

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