Irrigating the wheat field

This lovely lady was paddling in the water that was being pumped from the lake round her wheat field - note her silver ankle bangles. Went into the Muslim Cemetery for I remembered it being the most peaceful place - full of butterflies, birds and flowers.  However a rather officious man with huge red beard appeared and told me women weren't allowed and sent me packing - rather miffed to see an Indian woman enter and walk on from another gate though  Spent the day walking and meeting up with old friends and acquaintances.  Spent ages with the widow of my old painting school head who died of alcohol poisoning 6 months ago - such a nightmare as his two brothers did exactly the same thing.  Bought a new battery for my camera as I seem to run out rather easily and it will be good to let it run down completely every so often and always have a spare to hand.  Two rather more hair rising motorbike trips today in the city which is packed full of motor bikes, cows and tuktuks. When a tourist 4x4 or posh Palace vehicle tries to get through chaos ensues. Come for the walk

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