Belted Galloways

We should have been going to Molly's house this afternoon, but as she has only recently recovered from pneumonia, we decided that it was too risky to visit when we were probably still contagious with this chesty cold. As we were taking nearly all the food, this change of plan meant that we have piles of food and they only had a large trifle!

Faced with an unexpected free day, Pete and I decided to go for a walk round Castor Hanglands, as we were desperate for some fresh air and sunshine. Though the sun was shining, the wind was very chilly and we were glad to retreat into the shelter of the woodland rides. On the course of our walk we met this very friendly group of Belted Galloways. One of them was rather too friendly and gave me a gentle head butt, so I tickled it behind its ears and then gently walked on. 

The afternoon has been spent doing very little, which has been enjoyable in itself!

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