By Film

Robert D., third year trainee, in the easing off time prior to Christmas, at Jas. D. Gibson & Simpson, Chartered Surveyors, 3 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh.

Had been working/employed here since the end of May 1980. Taken on as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor, or "QS". Prior to that there were various other short-term, temporary, and seasonal jobs - big variety, and anything that was going. Never had any great career desires or aspirations, just happy to have a job to get on with. Quantity surveying was just another job that came along, and was the only one in the Jobcentre that day, that had asked for candidates with some Highers. Had absolutely no idea what a QS was or did, and had never considered anything in the building or construction industries. There was pressure/hectoring at home to, "Get a job that uses all those qualifications you have!" ...rather than the: helping/labouring on farms; factory cleaning; silver service waitering; furniture restoration; and bar work - all of which I'd enjoyed, despite their low status, which was something that didn't bother me. The low pay wasn't so good though, and that was set to continue for the trainee years of surveying...

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