still catching up...
This is really our Christmas Day....we had stockings...all 6 of us on our bed!!! Then after a "eat what you can find" breakfast...we set about final dinner preps before the crowds arrived. There was even time for some more present opening as there were still lots under the tree.
Then Mum, Dan, The Rev's brother and our nieces plus other half. Sadly my S-I-L was too poorly to join us...nothing serious but full of a cold and hacking cough. We had 13 for dinner but Daisy made it 14!!!
#We had 3 bird roast prepared by these 2O also made us a pre dessert that he designed....
#table laid.
#dinner in full swing.

After dinner we played several games....had lots of laughs and demolished a cheese board and chocolates!!
361/366....a chance to appreciate all my family and the love that surrounds us and keeps us so united. Love you all xxx

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