These photos don’t really represent what a fabulous day we had as they are yet to be downloaded from the camera!!!
#I had a rather fetching Angel outfit!!

The Rev and J went to the hospital to collect K (our daughter in law) from her First Christmas nursing shift.
##They got back at 9 so we did stockings (which Santa always delivers on 25th eve!!) and the K and J went for a snooze whilst M and I sorted the table and prepared the canapés. The Rev and O did the main. It’s was all a bit stressy and chaotic but all worked out well.
Mum and The Rev’s family arrived at 1 and were wowed by our canapés .... no photo :(. The table looked great....no photo :( and the food was delicious...no photo:(...The Rev always does a table menu. This year the readings were from A Christmas Carol...J and K read well. My niece and husband read the Simpson’s sketch and I tried to pull off a squeaky Cindy Who from the Grinch!!
This year we did a Secret Santa gift which worked out well.
#Then it was time for silly games....#Daisy tried to play Pass the Bomb!!

#We were also so glad to cheer the successes of the year...especially medically and the wedding but also remember that 5 years ago today The Rev’s Mum died and # we light a candle to remember my nephew Frankie who was murdered earlier this year.

A time for rejoicing and reflecting.

RECOVERY PATH...59/60....glad for a tipple in a bubbly bath when the hordes left

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