..conditions today led to a dreadful 20 car pile up, only a couple of miles from our house. A lady has been killed and many are injured. 
I have seen dashcam footage of cars approaching the accident at ludicrous speeds, in the freezing fog! Apparently, a car hit black ice and then hit the central reservation. Due to the thick fog, the cars behind couldn't see and ploughed into him. 
It doesn't seem possible that it is so close to home and I could so easily have been taking my Grandson home at that time. Thank goodness he had asked if he could stay another night. 
Mr E and I took two of our Grandsons down the lane with the dogs this afternoon. The fog lifted slightly for about an hour, so we allowed them to splash in puddles and kick pieces of ice. I didn't anticipate Alexander's aim would be quite so accurate! All that mud in the air, landed in my hair. I walked back like a drowned rat :)
Mckenzie fell in one of the larger puddles, so after a quick game of poo sticks, we got them back to the house, gave them a warm bath and fed them cheesy omelette. 

Oops, almost forgot, it's Wild Wed. This is my contribution!

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