red amaryllis... full bloom

i had something else planned for the day - but those plans got disrupted with 1 phone call - from my brother who said he was on his way to visit me - i said 'yes, okay' because it would be foolish not to - since we haven't seen each other in over a year - especially since i wasn't able to travel therefore missing my sisters funeral - needless to say, that was a heartbreaking moment for me even though - we figured out how to facetime me in - so i could 'see' everyone & be there - yet not quite the same as in person

to visit with my brother and sister-in-law was going to be fabulous - then i realized once they walked out the door (they couldn't stay very long at all, but our time together was precious & priceless) - i had meant to get a snapshot of them to post - 2 plans down the tubes - hence you get to enjoy a wonderful red amaryllis - in full bloom, which has currently 3 additional blossoms - keeping it company along with yet another shoot sprouting up - i'd say this plant is proving to be rather hearty - it's little things such as this which can make for...


happy day.....

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