I took exactly one photograph today, this one. The focus is nasty, not on her face but on her body fur, but her expression is good. It was late and I had not managed to take any photos today. I had the best intentions. I thought I might drive over to the bridge on Mosquito Lake Road and look for eagles. Well that didn't happen. The weather was totally inhospitable, with constant rain and wind, and very little light all day long. So instead I hung out around here. I spent too much time on the computer. I did manage to do a few useful things to prepare for Arvin's daughter Lynda's visit starting tomorrow and our annual New Year's Eve party on Saturday. Only problem may be that according to the weather channel website, there is a 100% chance of snow on Saturday. We shall see how that goes. Our friends from Seattle are coming up for the party. I hope they drive up on Friday. Then if nobody else can get here Saturday, at least those of us who are here can party ourselves. It will be Arvin's 88th birthday. Both of us are wondering how we got here, him at age 88 and me almost 74. Where did all those years go?

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