The sun came out today and made me smile. The birds liked it too. A small group of tiny fluffy birds flew in while I was photographing the jays. This one stopped for a moment to sample the seeds before taking off in a flurry of wings with his mates. Too cute. So it had to be her, or him, I'm not really sure.

Finally figured out how to download apps in my little Sony camera. I was hoping one would allow me to create watercolor and illustration like photos from jpegs already taken, the function I had with the first version of the camera. Sadly no. It only works when you take the photo and there is no way to repeat the process as I did in my old camera. I still love the new one but I miss that old function. Sniff.

Arvin got his stitches out today. He amazes me with his healing powers. He never seems his age, at least not physically. He turns 87 on Thursday. Yikes.

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