Foggy Foggy Dew

This morning the sun peeked through the fog and I made a decision. Straighten the house for the party? Nope. Do the bookkeeping on my computer? Nope. Take a walk. You betcha! And so I did.

The day started with fog and it covered the plants with a thick blanket of droplets, a foggy foggy dew. It was magical with the sunlight highlighting everything from behind. I took this photo just across the alley where the young neighbors planted some junipers along their back fence. The extras I took in Whatcom Falls Park. The first is rose hips at Scudder Pond and the second the path I took into the park. It was a lovely walk and I meandered rather than walking fast. It felt so good to be there on my own.

Now I must actually do some of the things I had planned for my day. When Arvin gets home we will be going to the office where his, my and Helena's therapists work. Arvin has an appointment with John this afternoon. John is such a kind and good man. He really helps Arvin to deal with his feelings as he continues his journey. Arvin likes talking to him. I do too. I met once with him on my own to talk about my feelings and plans for the future. That went very well too.

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