Bald Eagles

Success! Steve and I left our house at 8 am and drove to Mosquito Lake Road along the Nooksack. We parked and walked to where there was a group of photographers with gigantic lenses on big tripods. They were all waiting. There were eagles everywhere in the trees calling to each other. The feeding frenzy was about to begin. 

And then they came down. Many concentrated on an area where the fish had settled in the shallows. These were the fish who had already spawned or who didn't make it. They were dead and the eagles were hungry. I took way too many photos and winnowed them down to 776. It wasn't easy choosing and I put several other of my choices on Chaikins of Bellingham. I haven't even processed some of the photos. Just too much information. But I am already really happy with how the day went.

So if you are a blipper in Bellingham or nearby, the fish are still running and the eagles will be there again. One of the fellows who goes there often said they should keep feeding there until some time in January. Be sure to come early. The eagles had finished feeding by the time we left around 10:30 am. Just drive out Mount Baker Highway and take a right at Mosquito Lake Road. Park at the fire station or along the road near the bridge. You will see photographers where the viewing is good.

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