Flower Friday

The phone rang early and it was from a florist with a delivery - what a nice surprise! She arrived a couple of hours later with a beautiful large bouquet, mostly white with a few blue delphiniums and some blue spiky things - really very pretty.  It was from Jon's cousin who sent us one last year in January too.  She lives several hours away and we really don't talk much in between, but this is one way to share a phone call!!!!  With all the snow outside, these are a welcome sight.  The soft rose reminded me of vanilla ice cream and this is the no calorie kind.

Tomorrow is Logan's b'day and we're meeting at 7:30 a.m. when he gets off work at his night job to have breakfast, share some music that he wants me to hear and just take a ride together.  Looking forward to this time with him and remembering New Year's Eve afternoon 23 years ago when he came into this world.

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